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Autumn Celebrations

This half term our topic looks at "Autumnal Celebrations". We will start with Bonfire Night by making glittering firework pictures and learning how to stay safe around bonfires and fireworks.


To support our understanding of the world, we will talk about the changes in the world around us as the seasons change. We will create autumnal woodland hedgehogs from clay and leaves we collect from a nature walk around the school grounds. We will also explore colour and colour mixing using different materials.


As a book focus we will look at "Leaf Man" and begin to write simple sentences and captions to accompany our very own Leaf Man artwork. We will also read "Bear Snores On" as we learn about animals that hibernate.


In mathematics we will continue to explore number and counting to 20. We begin to explore addition and subtraction through practical activities and using the associated vocabulary.


Letters and sounds continues with teaching new sounds, tricky words and blending to read.


As the term comes to a close we will celebrate Christmas and perform a Nativity. More information to follow.


Disco Day

Disco Day 1
Disco Day 2
Disco Day 3
Disco Day 4
Disco Day 5

Autumn Walk

Autumn Walk  1
Autumn Walk  2
Autumn Walk  3
Autumn Walk  4