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Old MacDonald

The children have really enjoyed learning about the farm and the animals that live there. We have talked about adult animals and what their babies are called. Did you know that a baby Rabbit is called a Kit? We used a talking bag activity to share our own experiences of visiting a farm, used a learn pad to use a programme called Make a Scene. Make a Scene allowed the children to create their very own farm picture by changing backgrounds, choosing the animals and people on their farms as well as practising the skill of selecting and dropping an animal into the scene that they had created. The programme also make the animals noises so our room was full of farmyard noises which was very funny and enjoyed by all.  We also enjoyed playing a number game where we raced a friend to get our ducks to the pond using a dice. This activity helped us to recognise our numerals and to use 1:1 correspondence counting. We also took our pencils for a walk around a farmyard talking about the animals we met along the way.