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People Who Help Us

As we return to school, we are busy thinking about the people in our community that help us. We will be learning about the role of lots of different professions. We start the year by looking at the role of the postal worker. We will be asking questions about where they work, what they do and how. We will then explore the roles of teachers, the police, the fire service, and people who work in medicine.


We Need You!

We would love to hear from you! The children will always learn best through first hand experience. If you or a family member work in any of the areas we are studying then we would love to hear from you. Maybe you could pop in and chat to the classes about a day in your life? You might like to bring in some props from your workplace. Please let one of the class teachers know if you're available and would like to share your time.


Keep checking back to see what we have been busy doing!


Happy New Year!

PC Steve comes to visit!