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Ethos and Values

Southcott is a school where everyone matters. We believe that every member of our learning community – whether adult or child – should feel that they are important and valued. We believe that schools should be inclusive communities that welcome and celebrate differences. Full and meaningful partnership with parents – and the active involvement of other members of the local community – is also very important to us.


We believe that every child is entitled to a first-class education. Schools should be exciting and stimulating; a place where all members of our community want to be.


We value high quality teaching and believe that children should be motivated to take an active role in their own learning. Schools should celebrate achievement, in all its forms, and have high expectations for all children. 


We believe that children must feel secure and well-cared for in order to learn effectively. We value effort and believe that children should feel safe to make mistakes and to accept errors and misunderstandings as a positive part of the learning process.
We take a holistic view of children’s development, focusing on the whole child. Whilst we value academic progress and we aim for the highest standards, we also believe that it is our duty to support and promote children’s social, emotional and physical development.   We expect all members of our school community to treat people and property with consideration and respect. We value good manners and the development of a strong moral code. It is important to understand that rights come in partnership with responsibilities. We believe that members of our community should demonstrate pride in our school in their appearance and behaviour. We believe that it is our duty to actively promote health, fitness and personal safety. We believe that we have a responsibility to promote environmental awareness and corporate responsibility for our world.
Ofsted introduced a new more rigorous, inspection framework in September 2012.  We were inspected under this framework in June 2013 and the school was judged to be good in every category and good overall.  Early Years Foundation Stage provision was judged to be outstanding.    
Highlights from the report, click here for the full report, include:

  •  Pupils have very good attitudes to learning and many demonstrate a strong determination to succeed and achieve their best.
  • Pupils are highly motivated to work hard and achieve well, and show good skills and abilities which are skilfully developed by teachers.
  • Pupils make good progress in reading, writing and mathematics.
  • Some pupils make outstanding progress in reading.
  • The vast majority make at least good progress in the Nursery classes, and many make outstanding progress.  Children who continue into the Reception classes, and those who join from other schools at this point, making outstanding progress.
  • Leaders ensure that pupils develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding well.
  • Pupils feel safe and happy at school.
  • Behaviour throughout the school is good.
  • Teaching is typically good and occasionally outstanding.
  • The Headteacher provides the school with very good leadership.