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Our Unique Context

Our Unique Context

Southcott has a good reputation within Leighton Buzzard for our nurturing approach and provision of a well-rounded and accessible education. Southcott is an inclusive school with an emphasis on the development of the whole child and a commitment to individual success and achievement. These are things we are very proud of.


The school has identified the following challenges and/or barriers to learning which our curriculum needs to address through learning in lessons, wider experiences and opportunities and the relationships we form.

  • Special educational needs and disabilities presenting challenges for some children.
  • Limited language acquisition and weak communication skills for some children.
  • SEMH difficulties impacting on learning and development of independence for some children.
  • Financial challenges for some families.
  • A lack of diversity in children and staff (reflective of our local community).


How do our core values seek to address these challenges and barriers?


  • Understanding that we are all different, but equally important.
  • Being polite and demonstrating good manners.
  • Treating others as we would wish to be treated.
  • Looking after our school and the people and things in it.



  • Finding the strength to persevere when things are tricky.
  • Understanding that making mistakes is part of learning.
  • Working through ups and downs in our relationships.
  • Being happy for others when things do not go our way.



  • Contribute ideas, actively listen and encourage others freely.
  • Cooperate with and include others.
  • Be reliable and demonstrate that you trust and can be trusted.
  • Reflect on the impact of your words and actions.



  • Be curious and embrace new experiences.
  • Behave and think positively to make your best effort.
  • Accept and ask for help and support.
  • Be proud of your own success and the success of others.