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Statement of Insurance



  • Where a young person is injured or their personal property damaged by an accident resulting from the negligence of Central Bedfordshire Council, its employees, or any voluntary helper, a legal claim for damages can be made against the Council.  The Council has insurance cover to meet such proven claims


  • If the accident was not due to the negligence of Central Bedfordshire Council, its employees or voluntary helpers, then you cannot be compensated by the Council.  You may, however, be able to make a claim on a third party involved in the accident, for example, a motorist


  • Central Bedfordshire Council does not provide Personal Accident Insurance cover for young persons (except those attending the Blue Peris Mountain Centre) and you may wish to consider providing Personal Accident Insurance Cover for your child, unless the information to parents indicates that the school has made provision.  Most insurance companies can provide cover


  • If your child is going on a school visit or journey, the above advice still applies, but the school may have provided additional insurance cover.  If additional insurance cover has been provided, the details are shown below.  If you are not satisfied with the extent of the cover provided, you can provide additional insurance for your child


Details of additional insurance cover – None



June 2022